Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

Maritime Fenders (Marine Fenders) are an integral part of ship docking. They help protect the ship from the shocks. However, the quality of those fenders matters a lot. Low-quality fenders do not offer top-notch performance. Therefore, choosing the right marine fender manufacturers is paramount.


You will save some bucks while choosing a low-quality manufacturer. However, those fenders won’t efficiently serve their purpose. Therefore, I am going to write this detailed guide around the top 10 marine fender manufacturers. 


Buying fenders from these manufacturers will give you both robust fenders at affordable prices. It is noteworthy that the list of manufacturers has no specific order. You can choose any of them depending on your comfort. So, let’s get started and explore the top manufacturers.


Overview of Marine Fenders


Marine fenders serve a very crucial role in ships’ docking. They generally hang around a vessel. When the ship docks, these fenders protect the ship’s body during the boat’s collision with the docking structure. They also protect when two ships come close to each other at dock platforms. 


Marine fenders are of different types, each with its properties. In simple words, they are like airbags of the ship that protect it from shocks. As you know, ships coming with high speed start to slow down while approaching the docking structure. 


When they touch the docking structure, they collide, which can damage the heavy-load ship. However, these fenders absorb the impact, protecting the vessel from damage. Thus, understanding the marine fenders is crucial.


Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World


In the section above, we understood the fundamental role of marine fenders. As you just read, they are pivotal in making docking safe for ships. However, bad-quality fenders can do more harm than good. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer that offers top-notch quality is vital. 


Are you looking to choose the fender manufacturer to buy fenders? I know it is hard to scrutinize and find the perfect one. But you don’t need to fret. In this guide, we will explore different manufacturers that produce marine fenders. 


1- Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure

Trelleborg Marine Infrastructure Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

Trelleborg Marine Company was founded in 1905, indicating that it has existed for more than 100 years. It is known worldwide for making high-quality marine fenders of different types. The company is based in Dubai, UAE, but its branches are in over 40+ countries.


Trelleborg offers a variety of fenders to meet the customer’s needs. These include fixed fenders, floating fenders, and special fenders. All these types are made to absorb extreme shocks easily. They also provide other accessories related to maritime fenders, making them one shop for all things related to fenders.


What makes Trelleborg popular is its provision of end-to-end solutions. For example, they will handle everything related to marine fenders according to customers’ willingness. This includes designing, manufacturing, and installing the fenders. Once your project is completed, they will still provide additional support.


2- Yokohama Rubber Company

Yokohama Rubber Company Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

The Japanese Yokohama Company started in 1917 in Japan. In the early days, this company was focused on tires and other rubber products. These products were the reason for their popularity. However, in 1958, the company used its rubber experience to create the first floating fender. 


According to the official website, the company has made 60000 fenders. This is a considerable number that indicates the company’s success and reliability. All Yokohama fenders are known for their soft reaction force. So, when they hit, they become smooth and act like cushions. 


Above all, their performance remains at the top when ships come in at an angle, which happens often. Due to these features, their fenders are good at protecting both ships and docking structures. Lastly, Yokohama’s fenders are certified by ISO 17357-1:2014. This means that their manufacturing process meets international standards.


3- Shibata Fender Company

Shibata Fender Company Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

The Shibata Fender Team has been operating for more than 60 years. They manufacture various marine products but are best known for making fenders, such as rubber, foam, and pneumatic ones. These fenders are supplied to different parts of the world. 


The company is based in Japan but also has offices in other countries. Its main production facilities are in Malaysia and Japan. But its offices are in many countries, including the USA, Germany, and Asia. 


They have an expert team dedicated to the customers. The purpose of this team is to help customers find the right fender for their needs. It means that you won’t feel lost when visiting them. All you have to do is tell them your needs. They will analyze and carefully guide you in finding the best solution.


4- Jerryborg Marine

Jerryborg Marine Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

In 2002, Qingdao Jerryborg Marine started its journey in China. Like the Yokohama company, JerryBorg did not initially produce fenders. Instead, it began as a ship parts manufacturing company. However, it grew and started making airbags for ships in 2006.


Let’s discuss this company’s production of fenders. In 2007, JerryBorg made the first pneumatic fender, which was well-accepted in the market. It was the start of something big, and the company kept producing more fenders. The expansion of their business was rapid and progressive.


By 2010, the company started producing crafted buoys and fenders. Although the company grew and expanded, its quality was never compromised. Their continuous success was a result of their top-notch quality. Their consistency paid off in 2017 when JerryBorg got certified to make military-grade products.


It is important to note that the company follows the highest manufacturing standards. It has also set up shop in different countries like Malaysia and the Netherlands. If you’re searching for the highest-quality fender at affordable rates, JerryBorg is for you. You can contact the team and get your project started.


Quick Note: The company offers many different types of marine fenders. To get started, contact the official team. They have specialized machines and technology to meet customers’ needs.


5- HongRuntong Marine

HongRuntong Marine Top 10 Marine Fender Manufacturers in the World

In 1990, the Hongruntong Marine started producing rubber products. Later, their focus shifted toward manufacturing the marine fenders. I won’t say that is the best option, but they are affordable and can excite someone with a limited budget. 


This company’s customer support is top-notch. They listen to the customer and make fenders that fit their needs. Their head office is located in Beijing, China. Moreover, they have international standard certifications. For example, they are ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified. 


This company offers different types of fenders, including foam and pneumatic fenders. Moreover, they are not limited to fenders only. You can also get other products such as hoses, airbags, bollards, and mooring hawsers. For someone who is just getting started, Hong Runtong is a good option.


6- FenderCare Company

FenderCare Company

James Fisher Fendercare is a company based in the United Kingdom. It did not start as a fender manufacturer. Instead, it was more focused on renting and fixing marine equipment. However, they later started manufacturing marine fenders, which gave them a reputation. 


FenderCare was founded in 1988. The company grew and now has offices in many countries. Those include places like Brazil, Dubai, and Singapore, as well as in the UK. Along with fenders, the company also produces and repairs many other marine equipment. 


The company believes in the quality of its products. Almost all of their marine fenders are made and comply with international standards. Based in the UK, it also follows the quality guidelines of the UK government. So you can trust them and place your order. They won’t disappoint in the process of manufacturing marine fenders.


7- Marine Fenders International

Marine Fenders International

This Marine Fenders International company is based in Southern California. It is the first manufacturer located in the USA. Due to higher labor costs in the USA, the fenders produced by this company are expensive. However, their quality is better than that of all other companies. The reason is that this company has a strict quality control system. 


This company offers almost all kinds of fenders. However, it is essential to contact the official representative to ensure you get what you need. They also design the shape of fenders. So it is one shop where you will go and get your job done. Their team will handle everything from planning to marine Fender manufacturing.


8- Nanjing Jier Marine

Nanjing Jier Marine

The Qingdao Jier Marine Company has made marine fenders for the last twenty years. They have the expertise to make fenders for large vessels and small boats. This company is also of good quality. Apart from fenders, they also produce mooring bollards.


Although the company is from China, it meets all the international standards. Their products, including marine fenders, are durable. The products made by the Jier company go all over the world. The company is not very old. But it has made a quick reputation. Thanks to its high-quality product that complies with the most rigorous standards.


9- Polyform US

Polyform US

Polyform US is a company that makes boat fenders and buoys. Although it started in the United States, it sells its products, including marine fenders, worldwide. Polyform US uses special blue rope holds, making its fenders and buoys easily recognizable.


Polyform offers a variety of fenders for different sizes of boats. As this is an American manufacturer, you get high-quality products. Almost all the USA-made products are top-notch. The same goes for the fenders manufactured by this American company. However, their prices are high, which could be a drawback.


10- Anchor Marine Company

Anchor Marine Company

Anchor Marine Company has been operational since 1983. It is based in Houston, Texas, and serves customers worldwide. It is important to note that this company is not dedicated to fenders only. They offer a wide range of marine hardware and equipment. 


This equipment includes anchors, chains, buoys, and towing gear. However, the company is famous for its many types of fenders. What makes this company famous is its rental service. You can rent marine fenders for a fee. This option is suitable for boat owners who don’t have a large budget to buy the fenders.


Disclaimer: The information provided for each manufacturer is taken from their official websites. If you like any of them, you can visit their official website. Moreover, do your research before choosing any of the manufacturers mentioned above.


How to Choose a Marine Fender Manufacturer?


This question is generally overlooked. It results in the wrong selection of the company that produces fenders. Small mistakes lead to regret and waste of money. A few factors must be considered before choosing the manufacturer. Below, I will mention some critical factors for selecting a marine fender manufacturer:


  • Experience & Expertise: Experience in manufacturing is something that you look at first. Generally, manufacturers having 20-plus working years of experience are considered reliable. If you’re buying the fenders for the first time, never fall prey to newcomers in the industry. You will be robbed.
  • Credibility in the Market: Marine fenders are expensive. You would not like to risk trusting anyone in the market. Therefore, I recommend you check the manufacturer’s credibility before placing the order. You check online reviews from real customers about the quality of the manufacturer you have shortlisted.
  • Pricing & Affordability: Pricing of the marine fenders plays a crucial role in the selection process. If you have a tight budget, choose a manufacturer from China. This is because Chinese manufacturers are relatively cost-effective. Avoid going to the USA market as they are super expensive. 
  • Quality & Certification: The manufacturers usually get certification from different organizations and govt institutes. You should ensure that your chosen manufacturer is also certified. Don’t trust anyone who does not have any certification.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: As I said earlier, the Chinese market is inexpensive compared to the USA. So, it would be best if you preferred a manufacturer from China. The quality of these fenders would be fine. However, if you have a handsome budget, go with USA manufacturers. Although they are super expensive, they offer top-notch quality.


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of boat fenders are the best?

The best type depends on boat size, docking conditions, and your needs and preferences. Generally, both cylindrical and spherical fenders are famous for versatility and durability.


What are marine fenders made of?

Different materials are used in their manufacturing. However, they are typically made of rubber, foam, or PVC. However, rubber is the most used as it is lightweight and offers excellent compression. The shock absorption of rubber material is also second to none.


Are inflatable boat fenders good?

Yes, they can be excellent in many ways. First of all, they are lightweight and easy to use. You can store them anywhere with ease. Above all, they provide excellent cushioning for docking. Remember that proper inflation and maintenance are essential for effectiveness.




Each maritime fender manufacturer has its pros and cons. Choosing them is a hard job as slight mistakes can cause you regret. In this guide, I have picked the top 10 marine fender manufacturers. They all are equally good, and you can trust them. However, make sure to inform about your needs and requirements. It will help them meet your expectations.