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Jerryborg Marine is located in Qingdao and specializes in advanced marine fenders and mooring systems. With more than 15 years of experience, we offer high-quality Marine Rubber, Marine Airbags, and Marine Hoses. Our products are of high quality. All significant components of floating marine fenders are produced in-house to ensure consistency of product quality standards. We continuously debug the Fender system and are committed to extending the product’s service life. Customers all over the world buy from us. Our company is the trusted choice in the marine engineering field. At Jerryborg Marine, we pursue product innovation and excellence. Contact us for solutions in ship protection and mooring technology.

Product Category

Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic Fender is also called floating rubber fenders. This marine Fender is made of rubber. A Pneumatic Fender is about two to three meters in diameter and ranges from five to ten meters in length. The Pneumatic Fender looks like a cylindrical airbag containing compressed air. This allows the rubber fender to float on the water and play a shock-absorbing role. Generally speaking. Iron chains and tires are also wrapped around the outside of the rubber airbag to enhance the buffering effect.


Marine Airbags

A marine airbag is an airbag that is inflated to lift. In the beginning, log mats were rolled under the ship to move it when it was launched. Later, Chinese companies invented marine airbags. This is a method of using inflatable rubber airbags instead of logs. There are two main types of marine airbags: Ship launch airbags, Marine Salvage Airbags, and Engineering Airbags.


Foam Filled Fenders

A foam-filled fender has the same function as a pneumatic fender. Both types of boat fenders are like the bumpers on your car. The primary purpose of marine fenders is to be tied around the ship to prevent the ship from colliding with other ships or the shore. The difference is that the Foam Filled Fender shell material uses nylon, and the interior uses foam filling. This kind of marine Fender has a wear-resistant appearance and a long service life.


Marine Rubber Fenders

Marine Rubber Fender is basically some solid marine airbags. These rubber bladders come in different shapes, including Super Cell FendersSuper Cone FendersSuper Arch FendersCylindrical Rubber FendersME Rubber Fenders. D Fenders.


Marine Hoses

Marine hoses are hoses designed for use in marine environments. These hoses are used to connect ships to shore or transport various fluids between ships. Jerryborg Marien’s marine hoses are built to withstand the challenges of the sea. It ensures efficient and safe transport of liquids like water, oil, and chemicals. Marine hoses play a vital role in maritime logistics and offshore operations.


Why Choose Jerryborg Marine For Marine Fenders Supplier



Solutions For Marine Fenders


Jerryborg Marine offers expert consulting for all projects. You can continue asking questions even after you are satisfied with your order. Do you want to inquire about marine fenders? Contact us.




We provide product customization services. We have in-house experts to discuss all design ideas with you. And we can also do creative customization. Jerryborg Marine offers professional design for your project.



Jerryborg Marine provides safety-critical fenders and flotation systems. The production process is completed within the company. And we have strict quality control from raw materials to final products. This ensures the product reliability.


We test every product we produce. This is also an essential part of our inspection of product quality. All our products are tested to standards such as ISO17357, ISO14409, and PIANC 2002. We make sure all products comply with international standards.

Jerryborg Marine Projects

7000 Ton ship launching airbag for Vietnam shipyard

This bulk cargo ship is the first launching to Ha Long Bay area among the...

Marine Ship Launching Airbag | bulk cargo ship | Indonesia

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Ship Launching Airbag | Flatboat | Indonesia

Jerryborg Marine offer one stop solution for ship launching service, for the ship launching process,...

Marine Rubber Airbag | For bulk cargo ship Launching | Malaysia

Marine Rubber Airbag | For Bulk Cargo Ship Launching | Malaysia Jerryborg Marine produce high...

Marine Rubber Airbag | For Flatboat Launching | Indonesia

Jerryborg Marine offer one stop solution for ship launching service, contact us for solution and...

Marine Rubber Airbag | For Huge Flatboat Launching | USA

Jerryborg Marine provide one-stop solution for ship launching service through high quality marine rubber airbags....

Heavy Lifting Airbag | For Tree Transplanting | USA

We provide heavy lifting airbags for tree transplanting service.Contact us for more information.

IALA Marine Special Mark Buoy Maker Navigation Buoy

IALA Marine Special Mark Buoy Maker Navigation Buoy Jerryborg Marine designs, manufactures in China, and...

China Rotational Moulding HDPE Floating Buoys PE Floating Pontoon

China Rotational Moulding HDPE Floating Buoys PE Floating Pontoon With our focus on durability, highly...

Polyurethane Foam Filled Steel Mooring Buoy | Indonesian Navy | Indonesia

Jerryborg Marine produce high quality steel mooring buoys with polyurethane foam filled, as well as...

Chain Through Steel Mooring Buoy | Turkey Navy | Turkey

Jerryborg Marine produce big size chain through typ steel mooring buoys, as well as mooriing...

Steel Mooring Buoy with QRH | Oil Tanker | Korea

Steel Mooring Buoy With QRH | Oil Tanker | Korea Contact us now for technical...

Foam Filled Mooring Buoys | for Aquaculture Net Cage | China

Contact us now for technical support and competitive prices on foam filled mooring buoys.

Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy | mooring line buoyancy | the Netherlands

Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy | Mooring Line Buoyancy | The Netherlands Contact us now for...

Steel Navigation Buoy | Channel Buoy | Indonesia

Steel Navigation Buoy | Channel Buoy | Indonesia Contact us now for technical support and...

Ship-to-ship Oil Transferring Equipment | VLCC Ultra large crude carrier | Venezuela

Jerryborg Marine deliver complete set equipment for Ship-to-ship oil transferring service, including yokohama fenders, marine...

FAQs About Marine Fenders

If you have a question not mentioned below, please feel free to contact Jerryborg Marine!

What is the advantage of pneumatic fenders compared to traditional fenders ?

1. Compared with traditional fenders, Pneumatic Fenders have multiple layers of solid tire cords. Pneumatic Fenders have excellent shock absorption and cut resistance properties. It provides stronger impact protection.
2. Pneumatic Fenders are highly durable and need minimal maintenance. This feature extends its service life and increases cost-effectiveness.
3. Pneumatic fenders are widely used. They can adapt to various ship sizes and berthing conditions. And they can provide a more flexible and efficient solution than traditional alternatives.

More details

The standard sizes of pneumatic marine docking rubber fenders can vary. However, typical specifications often include diameters ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 meters. They also have lengths from 1.0 to 12 meters. These dimensions can be adapted based on specific requirements and the size of vessels they are to protect.

More details

Pneumatic rubber fenders usually have a simple and sturdy structure. It mainly consists of the following essential components:

Outer rubber layer: The outer layer is high-quality rubber. This material is wear-resistant, aging-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Cord layers: Multiple layers of the strong cord are embedded in the rubber. These layers help increase the structural strength and flexibility of the Fender.

Inner rubber layer: The inner layer is designed to be airtight. It maintains the pressure within the Fender and prevents air leakage.

More details

To install Yokohama-type pneumatic rubber fenders, follow these steps:

Positioning: Place the fenders at the designated docking area. Ensure proper alignment with the vessel.

Securing Anchors: Attach the Fender to the dock using suitable anchoring systems. Securing them firmly in place.

Inflation: Inflate the fenders to the recommended pressure using the provided inflation valve. Ensure the pressure is within the specified range.

Monitoring: Regularly check the Fender’s pressure and condition. Ensure optimal performance and make adjustments if needed.

More details

We provide all necessary certificates to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations. These include the ISO 17357-1:2014, ISO 9001, and Type Approval Certificates(Issued by classification societies like Lloyd’s Register, DNV GL, ABS, etc.). Additionally, we can provide quality assurance certificates and test reports. We can also offer any other relevant documentation. These certificates show the safety, reliability, and quality of our products.


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    Although delayed, I would like to express my gratitude to Jerryborg Marine. Thanks for the great job they did in building the pneumatic fenders for me. These fenders function perfectly and last a long time. I’m so glad I discovered them.

    Jerryborg Marine professionals give quick estimates, clear timelines, and professional courtesy. They also have high quality marine fender products. I suggest them for your next project.

    Jerryborg Marine provides excellent work and is approachable. Their service is excellent and they provide the best quality. Communication is great and they are always ready to resolve any issues.

    I firmly choose Jerryborg Marine. I could not find any other supplier that could provide all the marine fender products I needed in one go. They have many products such as pneumatic fenders, anchors, chains, wire ropes, shackles. They can give a quote quickly and delivery is very fast.

    Jerryborg Marine’s marine casting capabilities are impressive. And they can quickly forge prototypes. They have very good designers who can always turn design ideas into reality. If you want custom marine fenders, Jerryborg is a great choice.

    I’m having issues with products from other vendors. The Jerryborg Marine engineers were very welcoming. They provided a lot of help in resolving the issue. I really appreciate their skilled work and knowledgeable team.

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