What Is Polyurea Coating ?

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a two-component high performance polymer coating. Polyurea is rapid curing from liquid to plastic coating that is flexible, waterproof and able to resist chemical submersion. When using a spray applied polyurea, sometimes the polyurea may be applied directly to the substrate and in other cases may require a primer. Top Coats may be required or optional after applying polyurea. Polyurea is usued largely in industrial applications and with its fast curing time the return to service time decreases. Polyurea is used as protection in chemical and abrasive environments, water and wastewater applications, flooring, roofing, decking, marine coatings, and transportation coatings.

Polyurea can be applied to many different substrates at many different temperatures. Low pressure equipment or high pressure can be used in the spray application. Most applications are applied from a 1 to 1.5MM thickness.  Low pressure units are only for repair and maintenance projects. Polyurea is normally a hot spray applied coating at 70 degrees Celsius and is 100% UV and Color stable depending on the formulation type.  Basic Formulation types, referred to as slow aliphatic pure polyurea, do not require heat and can be applied by airless spray, brush or rollers.

Basic formulations that are slow aliphatic, are often used as coatings for tanks, pools and roofs and have optional choices of high and low gloss finishes which may be used as a top coat to other polyurea applications. Fast Aromatic Pure Polyurea is a basic formulation that is chosen 70% of the time and is not 100 % color stable. It is used in industrial applications such as pip coating, chemical tanks, process areas, flooring, roofing, waterproofing, podium decks and used as a base coat for aliphatic polyurea top coats.   Polyurea is also available in a fast hybrid Polyurethane formulation that are used in lower abused areas such as waterproofing buried structures and podium decks.

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