What is Foam Filled Fender?

Jerryborg Marine use heat laminated 100% closed cell foams for the fender core with a tough and thick nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin, which have high compressive strengths, resulting in an ability to absorb a great deal of energy during marine operations.

Our marine floating foam filled fenders also have an unique internal structure to avoid overload and absorb the shear loads, which maks berthing operations easier and safer – especially in severe conditions.

Our foam filled fenders are available in diameters from 200 mm to 4,500 mm and lengths from 500 mm to 10,600 mm, various foam densities as well as different shapes and sizes. The floating foam fenders could be installed with a two or four point mounting system, depending on the actual installation requirement.

Advantages of Jerryborg Marine Foam Fenders

1.High energy absorption and low reaction force
2.Unsinkable even if the skin is damaged
3.Simple and effective internal engineering strtucutre
4.Easy to install and low maintenance costs
5.Nylon filament reinforced polyurethane elastomer skin
6.Available with chain and tyre net
7.Standard range supplemented by bespoke design service

Why Choose Jerryborg Marine Foam Filled Fender ?

1. 100% Closed Cell EVA Foam

Each closed cell is completely enclosed and as they are packed tightly together, they will not compress or settle over time. Based on above advantages of clsoed cell strucure, it means EVA foam can absorb impacts without damage, and won’t crush or flatten at point of contact when berthing. Water is not able to permeate into the foam as each cell is enclosed, Even if the abrasion occurs against the polyurethane skin of a foam fender, the fender will still maintain its original shape and continue to float.

2. Polyurethane SkinPolyurethane skin is a polyurethane coating layer applied to the surface of marine foam fender for the purpose of protecting it from various types of defects such as corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other deteriorating processes. The characteristics and properties of polyurethane coatings make them ideal for application to the foam fender skin as well as coating skin for other marine fendering and floating products.
Test ItemTest MethodRequired Value
DensityAsTM d-3575  suffix w62 kg / cu m  (+/-10%)
Tensile strengthAsTM d-3575  suffix T289 kPa Min.
ElongationAsTM d-3575  suffix T95 % Min.
Tear resistanceAsTM d-3575  suffix g2.2 kN/m Min.
compressive strengthAsTM d-3575  suffix d
10% deflection27 kPa Min.
25% deflection48 kPa Min.
40% deflection77 kPa Min.
50% deflection110 kPa Min.
compression set averageAsTM d-3575  suffix b17.2 %
Thermal stabilityAsTM d-3575  suffix s<0.5 % change (24 hrs at 70 deg c)
water absorptionAsTM d-3575  suffix l<0.34 kg / sq m (skived)
PPP-c-1752b-54 deg c to 99 deg c

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3. Technical ReinforcementSeveral kinds of reinforcement material are used in our floating foam filled fenders, such as metallic or synthetic tire cord textiles, according to building rules. These soft composites reinforcement layers can strenghten the foam fender and enhance the adhesion effect of polyurethane coating or SPUA coating.
Test ItemTest MethodRequired Value
Shore A durometer hardnessAsTM d-224075-95
Tensile strengthAsTM d-41213.8 MPa Min.
ElongationAsTM d-412300% Min.
Tear strengthAsTM d-62432.4 kN/m Min.
flex life (ross)AsTM d-1052100,000 cycles Min. break
Abrasion resistance (Nbs)AsTM d-1630100

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Test ItemTest MethodRequired Value
Nylon cord weightAsTM d-8850.280 g/m avg.
breaking strengthAsTM d-885231 N avg.
Elongation (ultimate)AsTM d-88516% avg.

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4. Unique Designed Internal StructureOur certified structure designing engineers can make steel structures, such as axles for fenders, frames for buoys &floats, to a required specification within our own metal fabrication factory.Before formal production, our technical eingeer will make and analyse stress calculation, then optimize the design or structure to get better products.
Foam Filled Fender Types and Accessories
Test ItemTest MethodRequired Value
Tensile strengthAsTM d-41231.0 Mpa Min.
ElongationAsTM d-41216% Min.
Tear strengthAsTM d-62478.8 kN/m Min.

</table > </div >

Foam Filled Fender Performances And Technical Specifications
Tyre And Chain Net Foam Filled Fenders
Steel Axle Through Foam Filled Fenders
PVC Tube Through Foam Filled Fenders
Chain Through Foam Filled Fenders
Special Net Foam Filled Fenders
Project Cases
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    Diameter x Length
    Metric (mm) US (ft)
    Low Reaction
    Energy Reaction
    Energy Reaction
    High Capacity
    Energy Reaction
    Extra High Capacity
    Energy Reaction
    Super High
    Energy Reaction
    600 x 12002 x 495315891911628169392317214
    600 x 18002 x 615882414731191462806438310514
    600 x 24002 x 8201253420945271653968854313814
    600 x 30002 x 102616043267573478350711369417119
    700 x 1500N/A16802613334173492536834810419
    900 x 15003 x 52512042200542628038311052013619
    900 x 18003 x 632128532146927610040513755617319
    900 x 24003 x 845182753029839114257419478721419
    900 x 30003 x 105823596391125507183743251101926819
    900 x 37003 x 1271288118480153623224912306125033619
    900 x 43003 x 14843421405691827382661081363148139019
    1000 x 1500N/A2810447173612258932912245015419
    1000 x 2000N/A41152682548833012948317766020819
    1200 x 18004 x 6491508124910632515547221264930825
    1200 x 2000N/A551689128011836417353223772833625
    1200 x 24004 x 87222212136915748022970331396139925
    1200 x 30004 x 1096297160494207641304939416128649725
    1200 x 37004 x 121193631986052587873761148515157561425
    1200 x 49004 x 1616550427584135810945231597716218480325
    1200 x 61004 x 202126463531076458140167020469172798100025
    1350 x 2500N/A91251152418198543289794395108747525
    1500 x 24005 x 8110267183445239578348845476115750725
    1500 x 30005 x 101473572445963177744641134635154863832
    1500 x 37005 x 121834463057433979655801410793193179032
    1500 x 43005 x 1421953436589047511576931690948231392032
    1500 x 49005 x 1625562242410365521348807197111042696105132
    1500 x 55005 x 1829071048411836291539919224612583078118232
    1800 x 37006 x 122444974078275291076773157010582153110332
    1800 x 43006 x 1429660049410016411303938190412832602127732
    1800 x 49006 x 16347707579117975215351100224215053065145132
    1800 x 55006 x 18399814666135786517661265258017313527163432
    1800 x 61006 x 20450918751153097619881428290919523977180832
    2000 x 3500N/A2725074548455901099863160611802197124038
    2000 x 4000N/A324603540100570213071026191014042613141338
    2000 x 4500N/A374697624116181115091186220616223019159544
    2100 x 43007 x 14396691660115285814991254218917162994161544
    2100 x 49007 x 164678147781357101117661479258020233527184944
    2100 x 55007 x 185379378951561116320281700296723274061207444
    2100 x 61007 x 20608105910131766131622951924335426334591230744
    2100 x 67007 x 22678118211291971146825622146374529375124253244
    2400 x 37008 x 12432659720109493614231367208218702856185944
    2400 x 43008 x 145047698391281109116641594243321823332216144
    2400 x 49008 x 165969119941517129219711889288225843946246251
    2400 x 55008 x 18689105111481753149322772182333229864555276451
    2400 x 61008 x 20782119313031988169325842476377733885169306651
    2400 x 67008 x 22875133514582224189528912770422637905783336851
    2500 x 4000N/A4817188011197104115561522227420833112210751
    2500 x 5500N/A720107312001788156023242280339731204649290251
    2700 x 43009 x 1463485910561432137218592007271827463723268751
    2700 x 49009 x 1672498212071637156921262293310931374257299951
    2700 x 55009 x 18840114013991899182024692659360836384938331151
    2700 x 61009 x 20956129815932162207228113028410641425623368351
    2700 x 67009 x 221072145517872424232331543395460846466303405451
    3000 x 490010 x 16879107314661788190523262785339838114648333151
    3000 x 550010 x 181023124917062082221727053240395444355413376851
    3000 x 6000N/A1111137718512295240629843517436148135967420664
    3000 x 610010 x 201167142519462375253030873697451550596174413064
    3000 x 670010 x 221311160121862669284234704153507156826939463664
    3000 x 730010 x 241431174724552998309937814530553461997571507364
    3300 x 4500N/A899101414981690194721972846321138954394341664
    3300 x 6500N/A1453163924212731314735504600518962957101509064
    3400 x 550011 x 181206133820092229261328963818423552245796442064
    3400 x 610011 x 201380153022992549290333144370484959796632494964
    3400 x 670011 x 221554172525902874336637374920545867337473547064
    3400 x 730011 x 241695188128243132367340755368595273468149646864
    Custom sizes available on request.[Units: kN, kJ, kg, mm]