What is Portable Foam Fender

Sling portable foam fenders (SSD Fender) are another type of foam filled fender for shipboard protection. They are designed for quick and convenient operating for the limited storage space on board of naval and commercial vessels because of its small size and light weight.

They are consisted of an outer polyurethane protective elastomer skin, nylon cord fabric as reinforcement layers, an inserted integral end-fittings in galvanized, stainless steel or HDPE with ropes or metal rod to go through, as well as an internal space that is filled with closed cell foam as a medium to absorb collision

Application wise, this kind of sling foam fender can be used for tugs, workboats, pilot boats, coast guard vessels, fishing boats and yachts.

Portable Foam Fender Types

SSD Portable Foam Fender Specification

Bright colours are available upon customer request

Low maintainamce cost, no air inflation needed (compared to PVC fenders)

High energy absorption

Extremely long useful life

Portable Foam Fender Technical Performance

Fender SizeLow CapacityEnhanced CapacityStandard Capacity
D x LEnergyReactionweightEnergyReactionweightEnergyReactionweightHardware*
400 x 9004.348.520.45.864.521.87.280.823.613
500 x 9006.860.526.8980.52911.3100.831.713
500 x 1,0007.163.628.69.484.631.711.710634.513
500 x 1,2008.778.333.111.5104.136.314.4130.539.913
600 x 9009.269.833.612.392.937.215.3116.441.313
600 x 1,20012.392.541.716.412346.720.5154.251.713
900 x 1,20027.8141.473.537188.184.846.2235.796.116
900 x 1,50034.8176.687.546.3234.910257.9294.3116.116
1,000 x 1,50040.8191.310254.3254.4120.267.9318.8137.916

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