Jerry Marine Workboat Fendering System

As a leading manufacturer in the world marine fender industry, Jerryborg Marine has its focus on a wide range of different workboat fender systems. We can produce various foam fenders of any shape and size with different anti-collision characteristics to meet the individual requirements of your vessel. All shipboard fender applications have a common advantage that they are spectacularly designed to be lighter and stronger than existing rubber fender systems, leading to significant cost savings in operation. Besides that, the design and appearance of the fenders are exquisite and the high flexibility and customizability in the manufacturing process offers marine architects a new extent of applicable forms, roundings and curves.

The construction of a workboat fender is much the same as a composite workboat fendering system. Closed cell foam acts as a shock absorber during berthing. Polyurethane coating skin not only increases energy dissipation efficiency via the foam core but also provides high abrasion resistance for long life span. Shape and size of Jerryborg Marine workboat fendering system are cusotmized according to technical drawings, energy calculation from clients.

Why Choose Jerryborg Marine Workboat Fendering Systems?

Jerryborg Marine offer extremely light and strong custom-made marine foam fenders for all fast moving, light weight workboats, such as s all weather life boats, tenders, fast rescue, Heavy Duty RIB’s, research and survey or unmanned marine systems, due to the following key characteristics:

1.Light Weight and Cost Effective

Applying light weight foam material as fender core, Our workboat fender system offers an outstanding low weight alternative to traditional rubber fenders. The foam workboat fenders are up to 12 times lighter than traditional rubber fenders. Besides that, the light weight fenders also lead to significant fuel cost reduction.

2.Superior Collision Resistance Performance

Our foam workboat fenders are designed to provide maximum impact resilience so that shock loads are properly absorbed, so that sensitive equipment, such as electronics and hydraulic drive systems, are protected from severe impacts, reducing or even preventing damage to the possible failure of systems because of collisions.

3.Ultra Strong and Extremely Durable

Our fender systems are ultra strong by applying protective polyurethane elastomer skin which is five times more wear resistant than conventional rubber material. They are specially designed for heavy duty operations and therefore extremely durable. Made of closed cell foam core, Our fenders will not absorb water even though the skin is penetrated.

4.Perfect Mix of Composite Materials

The fender system can be improved contact area and is highly adaptable to the hull shape and intended vessel usage through adjusting the parameters of the different materials. proprietary compounds are used to achieve the best product features for our fender systems.High elongation and break strength and durability are key words of the composite material fenders.

5.Trendy Designs and Various Forms

The fenders can be made in one piece at any shape and length up to 30m (longer upon request) according to a 2D cad, 3D cad or template from clients. The seamless corners and customized fit give our fenders a sleek appearance. Jerryborg Marine offer different top-coats and the possibility for logo’s to be printed on the fender.

6.Adaptable Solutions and Multi Colors

Different damping characteristics can be combined in one fender system. Each design is adapted to the vessel shape and its usage. The preferred way of fittings cam be bonded to the hull by fastest and easiest method. Besides various existing alternatives and mounting types, Jerryborg Marine can also develop a customized fender in a wide range of colors for each application.

Composition of Workboat Fendering Systems

Bow Fenders

Bow fenders are designed to protect the front of the boat. They are manufactured exactly as per the shape of the front shapes, sizes and outlines. The bow fender ends can be beveled down, angled, snaped or reduced in diameter or decreased conically. If it is necessary, cuff and spigot joints (Male/Female) also can be customized.

Curved Fenders

As part of a complete set fender system, curved foam fenders are sometimes equipped with a socket-and-plug for round section, or straight ends for a “Delta” type section. Single unit curved fenders can be customized to strengthen and protect the shoulders and rear corners of the vessel when multiple side berthing operations are performed.

Straight Fenders

These straight fenders are the modular design located between the bow curved and aft corner fenders, acting as a further protection to the boat hull. The straight fenders are often made with a lower foam density as their role to save the weight of whole fender system.

Rear/Stern Fenders

Rear Fenders are equipped as a solid and strong ends with a hose in their center to pass a through safety wire. They usually stop at the corner of the boat or have a L design on transom, partial or continuous. The L design is recommended to protect the aft corners of the boats when they leave from berthing position.

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