Jerry Marine Marine Salvage Airbags

Marine Salvage Airbags is another application of marine rubber airbags which are light in weight and small in size when deflated. They can be easily transported and applied to the working area. The rubber salvage airbags can be used vertically to right sunken vessels out of deep water. When the boat is suspended near the surface they can be slung under the boat with one end on each side to raise the boat high enough out of the water to pump it out. In shallow water two salvage bags can be slung together like pontoons, one on each side of the boat. They can also be used as rollers for moving beached boats back into the water, just like our Marine Ship Launching Airbags.

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Marine Salvage Rubber Airbag Advantages

High-Pressure Design
Salvage Tubes have a maximum working pressure of 0.25Mpa. That means that they can be used under 25m water-depth.

Resistant to Abrasion
The thickness of Jerryborg marine salvage airbags is up to 10mm or more. Thus the salvage rubber airbags can work in harsh conditions. Even the out rubber was damaged, the inner synthetic-tire-cord layer also can work well.

Holistic Intertwined Technology
The production technology of our marine salvage airbags are the same as ship launching airbags, which is manufactured by Holistic Intertwined Technology. This design ensures that there aren’t any welded seams like PVC airbags.

Equipped Complete with Accessories
Our Salvage airags are equipped with nylon tyre cord fabric straps and shackles with 6:1 safety factor.

Ultrahigh Tensile Strength
Our “salvage airbags” are made with special synthetic-tire-cord reinforement layers, which have much better performance than those made with PVC coated fabrics.

Multiple Application
Because of high working pressure, our marine salvage airbags are qualified for both lifting work from underwater and buoyancy support of surface of the sunken ships.

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Salvage Rubber Airbags Technical Specifications

Effective Length(m)Marine Salvage Airbags Buoyancy(tons)

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