Multi-LPG White

Multi-LPG White hoses have been specifically crafted for the safe transport of fully refrigerated substances, even in extremely cold conditions as low as -50°C, aboard ships, barges, and marine terminals. These versatile hoses can effectively handle a wide variety of products, including Ammonia, Butane, Propane, as well as extreme-cold applications like Liquid Ethylene at -105°C and Liquid Ethane at -88°C.Jerryborg Multi-Chem Red hoses are produced and certified to International standards like EN 13765, IMO IBC and PED regulations.

Multi-LPG White
Products properties:
Inner wire:Stainless Steel 316
Lining:Polyamide fabric
Carcass:Polypropylene fabrics, BOPP films
Outer wire:Stainless Steel 316
Working pressure:14, 21 and 25 bar
Maximum length:30 meters
Available sizes:1 up to 12 inch