Multi-Tanktruck Blue

Multi-Tanktruck Blue hoses are crafted for the conveyance of Hydrocarbons and aromatics specifically for tank truck applications. These hoses are characterized by exceptional flexibility and low weight, ensuring ease of handling for both operators and truck drivers.Multi-Tanktruck Blue hoses come equipped with both Galvanized Steel and Aluminum wires. With a design pressure of 10.5 bar and a safety factor of 4:1, these hoses adhere to international standards, including EN 13765, AS 2683, and BS 3492, in terms of production and testing.

Products propertie
Inner wire:Galvanized Steel or Aluminum
Carcass:Polypropylene fabrics, BOPP films
Cover:Polyester coated PVC
Outer wire:Galvanized Steel
Working pressure:10.5 bar
Maximum length:30 meters
Available sizes:1 up to 4 inch