Jerry Marine Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

Jerryborg Marine’s Cylindrical Fenders are a simple and versatile marine fender system, which can be easily installed. We produce cylindrical fenders with smaller diameters by die extrusion method, while larger fenders are produced by wrapping wear-resistant rubber around a roller mold.

The progressive reaction of our Cylindrical Fender makes them extremely efficient and ideal for mooring large and small ships to secure quays. The wide range of available sizes also means Cylindrical Fenders can be closely matched to various application.

Cylindrical rubber fenders could be be attached to a wide range of surfaces and in various finishing options. The installation can be relatively straightforward and also be mounted with chains or rods horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It is possible to provide cylindrical fenders in specified lengths and beveled ends.

Jerry Marine Cylindrical Rubber Fenders

Simple & economical cylinder design
Thick rubber wall resists abrasion & wear
Progressive load-deflection cure
Suitable for vessel and dock protection
Choice of mounting system to suit application
Supports a range of lengths & sizes
Easy to install
Long service life with minimal maintenance
Wide range of sizes up to 2000mm diameter

Application of Cylindrical Fenders

Bulk cargo berths
Bow, side & stern of most vessels
General cargo quays
RoRo & ferry terminals
Fishing & work boat berths
Pontoons & floating structures
Tug havens
Barge protection

Technical Date Sheet of Cylindrical Fenders

HP (kN)
1005060000.843547 14167.2
1256560001.351500 141611
1507560001.865552 161616.3
1757560002.792781 161624.1
20010060003.386547 181929
25012560005.1108550 202245.3
30015060007.4129547 242865.2
380190600011.8164550 2835105
400200600013.1172547 2835116
450225600016.6194549 2835147
500250600028275700 3238181
600300300040330700 3544255
1400700300022077070080  1386
1400800300020864951680  1245
1500750300025382570085  1591
1600800300028888070090  1810
17509003000340929657100  2124
200012003000415871462110  2414
2400120030006471321701130  4073
2700130030008181486728140  5154

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