Jerry Marine D Fenders

Jerryborg Mairne produce and provide a wide range of high impact resistant D rubber fenders, which are available in many different shapes and sizes in order to suit a variety of applications and requirements. We can provide both hollow and solid D fenders in sizes ranging from 20mm up to 500mm. You get the perfect product for your unique application from us.

Rubber D fenders have become increasingly popular due to its high multifunctionality and excellent protection capability. The D fenders are produced to be securely attached to various surface types by using bolts. Many of Jerryborg Marine D fenders are pre-drilled to ensure the bolts are evenly spaced out, which greatly reduce installation times. We also provide customized service to produce your fenders pre-curved, chamfered or cut to specific lengths.

Jerryborg Marine D Fender Advantages

Highly durable rubber fender
Much wider application areas
Bespoke options for various size and shapes
Can be supplied in long lengths
Easy to install
Can be supplied in non-marking colours

D Fender Application

Tugboats, Workboats, Pilot boats, Fishing boats
Floating pontoons
Mooring buoys
Quays, piers, jetties, marinas
Loading bays
Car parking spaces
Trucks and Lorries
Building Interiors

Different Formats to Choose

In order to ensure that you get the perfect product for your unique application we offer our D fenders in a choice of different formats, with each offering their own strengths.

DD Fenders

These fenders are well known from the D shape of the fender and the D shape of the inner hole. DD type fenders are some of the most common format of fenders which are widely used all over the world. The D fenders are drilled straight down through the centre in order to bolt the fender to the desired surfaces. They can also drilled through the fender base to be installed to the required surfaces

DO or DC Fenders

DO type fenders are also called DC fenders. they are similar in design to DD fenders. However, these fenders highlight a round shaped hole running through them. These typical fenders are drilled through the base, which enables you to bolt the fender into a channel. This makes them popular for use directly on sea vessels for docking protection.

Technical Data of Rubber Material

CompoundN/ANR / SBR
DensityISO 8681200 kg/m3
Tensile StrengthISO 37:2017≥16 MPa
Elongation at BreakISO 37:2017≥350%
Tear Resistance (23°C)ISO 34-1:2010≥80 N/cm
Abrasion ResistanceISO 4649:2017≤100mm3
Compression Set (24hrs @ 70°C)ISO 815-1:2019≤40%
Ozone Resistance (ppm 20% 72hrs @ 40°C)ISO 1431-1:2012No cracking visible by eye
Change In HardnessISO 48-4:2018≤5°
Change In Tensile StrengthISO 37:2017≥80%
Change In Elongation at BreakISO 37:2017≥80%
Minimum Temperature-30°C
Maximum Temperature+70°C

D Fender Technical Specifications

ABCDHJKE BoltF MaxG MaxFlat BarWeight
80704510302510M1210028035 x 556
1001005010302510M1212028040 x 51110
1251256015352515M1615028050 x 61717
1501507515653015M1615030060 x 82225
2001508020754520M2017035080 x 102530
20020010020754520M2017040080 x 104141
250200100251005025M2418045090 x 124357
250250125251005025M2418045090 x 126270
300300150301206030M24190500110 x 1290102
350350175301506530M30190500130 x 15119143
400400175351807035M30200500130 x 15153192
450450200352007535M36200500150 x 15194242
500500250402208040M36230500180 x 20241302

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