Jerry Marine Super Arch Fenders

Jerryborg’s SA Super Arch Fenders are simple and strong marine fender systems with high energy absorption capacity, providing reliable quality and trouble-free service for a wide variety of berths even under the most inclement conditions. Some time Super Arch Fenders are also called V fenders because of its arch shape.

There are two types of super arch fenders SAand SAA in Jerryborg Marine.

SA fender is a traditional rubber-faced unit, which can also embedded steel mount and nut on the top of the fender.

SAA fender can be fitted with either UHMW-PE face pads or connected to a steel panel, which reduces the friction factor between vessels and fenders to provide better protection to vessels and improve the arch fenders’ service life.

Features of Super Arch Rubber Fender

High energy absorption & low reaction force
Strong and good shear performance
Simple one-piece design, low maintenance, Long lifespan
Flexible installation method, verticallyand horizontally
Suitable for various applications, such as RoRo berths, general cargo, workboat harbours, barge and tug berths.

SA Super Arch Rubber Fender Specification

DGA1501502406751575986 x M2023150030038
DGA20020032068016001306 x M2435150040062
DGA25025041068016251646 x M2427150050088
DGA30030049068516502256 x M30331500600120
DGA40040067070017003006 x M36401500800200
DGA50050084071517503756 x M424515001000310
DGA600600101073018004506 x M485415001200455
DGA800800134077019906006 x M567215001600820
DGA10001000168080020007506 x M5690150020001275