Hydropneumatic Fender

What is Hydropneumatic Fender?

The Hydropneumatic Fender is a special version of the Pneumatic Fender,which is developed for submarine docking. Hydropneumatic Fenders are partially filled with water and air. There is a counterweight connected at the fender bottom to keep them floating vertically in the sea. In this way, the submerged hull is effectively protected by the hydropneumatic fender all the time.

Hydropneumatic Submarine Fenders are more complicated design than standard pneumatic fenders, so they need some more special installation techniques to be installed. The performance of Hydropneumatic Fenders is affected by the air:water ratio, weight of counterweight and the initial pressure. Jerryborg Marine is pleased to receive your technical requirements allowing us to manufacturer the right type hydropneumatic floating fenders, size and overall design which suit your actual operation demand.

Advantages of Hydropneumatic Submarine Fenders

  • 1.Cost saving replacement solution for deep water berthing
  • 2.Easily moved and high flexibility in berthing
  • 3.Easily transported to provide emergency docking facilities
  • 4.Simple and low cost in installation and maintenance
  • 5.Unaffected by extreme climatic conditions

Hydropneumatic Rubber Fender Technical Specifications

hydropneumatic rubber fender technical specifications

Hydropneumatic Fender Flange Design

hydropneumatic fender flange design

Submarine Pneumatic Fender Technical Parameter

Item Without water 60% deflecction Filled with water 45% deflection
Fender Size [mm] Energy [kNm] Reaction [kN] Ratio water/air [%] Energy [kNm] Reaction [kN]
1,700 × 7,200 560 1810 65/35 134 611
2,000 × 6,000 647 1766 65/35 155 599
2,500 × 5,500 928 2037 65/35 223 687
3,300 × 6,500 1913 3169 60/40 616 1247
3,300 × 10,600 3120 5170 55/45 589 1275

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